Management Essentials: How To Address A Performance Problem

02.14.2012 Business

Managing is an important skill, but too often it is thrust upon the unsuspecting and unwilling. I’ve learned a lot about managing others though hard knocks, but also by making mistakes. Here’s the most importing thing I’ve learned about being a good manager: it’s not about being “the boss.” It’s helping others and helping yourself […]

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01.12.2012 Business

Are you a planner? Do you have your day mapped down to the minute? Do you know exactly where you will be on August 17th of this year? Or are you someone who likes to see what the day brings you? Do you wait to find out what’s on fire at work or home, run […]

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Clear It All Out

01.05.2012 GTD

So much stuff. This time of year when we’re still clearing away the boxes and torn wrapping paper I’m faced again with what to do with the new stuff. The answer is simple: get rid of some old stuff. My wife bought me some new wooden kitchen utensils. I keep the ones I use daily […]

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Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Isolate Yourself

11.22.2011 gadgets

Here’s one more Simple Productivity Task Of The Day (SPTOTD) suggested by Michael Schechter (@mschechter): Use a pair of headphones, but play no music. Use them to reduce the surrounding noise and let you concentrate on a task. This is an excellent and easy thing to do. You could certainly play music to help drown […]

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Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Delete Something From Your To-Do List

11.17.2011 GTD

This is one of the most powerful tools in helping yourself get things done: delete things from your to-do list. I didn’t say to check them off as completed. I said delete them. If you make long lists of things to do, you probably have things on that list that don’t really need to be […]

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