January 2012

Reviewed: SOG Flash II Knife

01.17.2012 Product Reviews

I feel naked without a pocket knife. I’m an old farm boy and once a Boy Scout, always a Boy Scout. Now I’m feeling particularly well dressed with my new folding knife. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while: the SOG Flash II. This is not a knife for the timid. It’s [...]

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Let’s Unsubscribe From It All

01.16.2012 Business

The new year is an excellent time to start weeding out all of those emails that come not from people, but from companies, organizations, and causes. Over the past years as I’ve made purchases or expressed an interest in a topic, I’ve accumulated quite a daily stream of things that I don’t read. Most often [...]

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Writing Assignment: Defend Your Favorite Album

01.13.2012 Listening

Your favorite band sucks. Music can be a way of defining your personality or of including yourself in a larger group. But start talking about music and what you’ll also quickly discover is that others may dismiss or attack your musical loves. People will judge you based upon your musical choices. Don’t worry, I won’t. [...]

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01.12.2012 Business

Are you a planner? Do you have your day mapped down to the minute? Do you know exactly where you will be on August 17th of this year? Or are you someone who likes to see what the day brings you? Do you wait to find out what’s on fire at work or home, run [...]

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Required Listening: Patrick Rhone’s Transformative Albums

01.11.2012 Music

The following is Patrick Rhone’s first submission to the Required Reading series. It is, after all, Patrick’s fault in the first place. Recently Patrick asked what music I’d been listening to and I gave him a short list. He then suggested this series. I think it’s a terrific idea and his recommendations are, too. ——————————— [...]

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