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by Randy Murray on September 13, 2011

Every Tuesday morning a special email shows up in my inbox. It’s the weekly Read & Trust newsletter.

I might not read it right when it shows up, but I take pleasure in noting its arrival. It means I’ll have a thoughtful essay or informative report of some sort that I can read later. I never know exactly what might be in that day’s newsletter, but I know it will be interesting. It will be good.

And every couple of months, one of my pieces will show up, too. I’m proud to be a member of this select group of writers. Aaron Mahnke put together Read & Trust to do just what the title suggests: form a group of writers who regularly produce high quality, very interesting writing. Things that you can trust will be worth reading.

If you enjoy reading my work, I believe you’ll also enjoy Read & Trust.

There’s only one way to get it: it’s a subscription newsletter. The pieces you see there you won’t find anywhere else. They’re exclusive to the Read & Trust newsletter. Every article is thoughtfully written and professionally edited. There’s a strong focus on quality all the way around.

I urge you to consider subscribing. It’s just $5 per month. And if you do I think you’ll find some remarkably good things to read, every Tuesday.

The list of writers.
How to subscribe.

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_dave_ September 13, 2011 at 2:38 pm

Randy, I’m not a subscriber yet, but I do follow much of the R&T crew since just before launch. I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon the group as it was being born.
I must say I’ve been inspired not only by what is written, but how it is written.
When I read the words by the writers in this group, I feel like I’m reading letters from friends.
I hopefully will one day follow in your footsteps, as I feel that the heartfelt written word is one of the more powerful means to communicate.


Randy Murray September 13, 2011 at 4:57 pm

Thanks, Dave

As you’ve noted (and I neglected to mention in the article), you can read all of the Read and Trust network’s regular postings by following their sites. The newsletter is exclusive content, but we publish a LOT of non-exclusive stuff.


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