June 2011

A Brief Introduction To Archives – The Attics Of Organizations

06.30.2011 Books and Literature

I’d like to welcome Larry Olszewski, a new contributor to First Today, Then Tomorrow’s series on libraries. Here’s a brief bio: Larry’s been a librarian for 34 years and since 1993 has been Director of the OCLC Library. He has also worked in academic, public and school libraries. Larry has an MLS from Kent State University [...]

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War Bonds, Witch Hunts, Libraries, And You

06.29.2011 Books and Literature

Here’s another piece from Penny in our libraries series. A few days ago I was looking around for something quite a bit lighter and a little familiar to help space out my reading bouts of a very interesting but intense book, and I saw my copy of Colour Scheme by Ngaio Marsh — hardbound, 1943, [...]

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Some Thoughts On Travel

06.28.2011 Family

My wife and I took our youngest daughter on a trip to the UK recently, a graduation from high school celebration. I’ll have much more to write about it in the coming weeks, but here are some initial thoughts and observations: Air travel sucks. Avoid if at all possible. Travel light and wash out things [...]

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06.27.2011 Art

There is something to be said about commitment and persistence. This marks the 500th post I’ve written for First Today, Then Tomorrow, although because of the vagaries of scheduling it may not be precisely the 500th published. When I opened this blog in August of 2009 I wasn’t sure of much, but I made a [...]

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Five Predictions About Your Future & A Writing Assignment - #5: You Will Write More

06.24.2011 Future

My other four predictions could bode good or ill. The fifth, this one, is a remarkably good thing for you. You will write more. In the near future voice and video communications will be virtually free and easy, but you will find that even with these remarkable capabilities that you write more. Today you write [...]

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