March 2011

Books Over Blogs

03.31.2011 blogging

“Books are the new business cards,” I’m told. I also hear that “books are dead.” “Nobody reads any more.” “I don’t have time to read books.” For me, reading books is like breathing, necessary to maintain life and sanity. I’ve come to understand that a book isn’t the paper it’s printed on. A book isn’t [...]

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Reading, Not Surfing

03.30.2011 blogging

The universe is filled with endlessly fascinating things. You could spend all of your days jumping from one thing to the next. And you can spend hours here and there surfing from topic to topic. Or you can spend an hour reading, exploring something in depth. Some claim that “blogging is dead” or that books [...]

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One-On-One: Social Without The Media

03.29.2011 blogging

There’s a little coffee shop in St. Paul called Kopplin’s.  On Wednesday morning it was snowing, heavily, but we had plenty of time before I had to be at the airport. So Patrick took me there and bought me a cup of coffee. At the counter in this tiny shop he asked the owner to [...]

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Some Things I Learned By Showing Up

03.28.2011 blogging

Last week I was on the road again. Although I grow to dislike air travel more and more, I find that showing up in person trumps hours of video conferencing, thousands of tweets, and an infinite string of emails. Don’t get me wrong; this future world that we live in is marvelous. I’m making connections, [...]

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Writing Assignment: Describe A Natural Setting

03.25.2011 writing

The natural world is our true home. For the writer, it is an endlessly rich atmosphere, an entry point to story, to thought, to idea. Being able to describe a natural setting is one of the most difficult things for a writer to master. It simply is too rich, too big. Sit outside, anywhere outside [...]

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