February 2010

Writing Assignment – The Introductory Statement

02.26.2010 Business

If your goal is to become a better writer, you need to practice. Here’s your writing assignment for today: write an introductory statement for a paper or post that will interest potential readers and entice them to read more. A strong opening is critical in today’s media-rich environment. Your potential readers are bombarded with images [...]

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Spendnothinggame.com - Master Of My Domain

02.25.2010 The Spend Nothing Game

With interest growing in the Spend Nothing Game, I thought it might be a good idea to reserve the domain name. So here it is: http://spendnothinggame.com. For now, it just points here, back at http://randymurrayonline.com. But over the next few weeks I’ll be talking with many of you and put up a unique site - [...]

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The Spend Nothing Game Part 2: Planning For The Unexpected

02.24.2010 Business

Last Monday’s post, The Spend Nothing Game – How Long Can You Go Without Spending Any Money? laid out the initial ground rules for living a more frugal life – with the goal of living a more free life. Some have pointed out that the Spend Nothing Game is easy if you literally have no [...]

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Quality Always Matters – Be On Your Best Behavior

02.24.2010 Books and Literature

When I mapped out last week’s posts I wanted to do a piece about how full time employment was getting more difficult to come by and how to live a life as a freelancer – essentially becoming your own business. While writing it I realized I wanted to comment on the importance of keeping ones [...]

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Putting Experience To Work For You – How To Get It & How To Use It

02.23.2010 Business

In a little over two months I’ll be fifty years old. It’s one of those life milestones that call for contemplation and reflection. Or at least it’s supposed to be. I do ask myself, “Is this middle age? Am I half way through?” But these questions seem meaningless, even nonsensical to me. I’m not going [...]

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