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by Randy Murray on February 14, 2013

I am a great fan of the movies. My wife and I take great pleasure in seeing terrific films as they should be seen and heard. Back when we were first married and I was in graduate school we saw pretty much every film released (at least every movie that made it to Carbondale, Illinois in 1982 through 1985). Since then we haven’t been able to get out to the movie theater as often, but we still love to see great movies, most often in our own personal home theater.

It frustrates me when I talk to someone who claims to be a movie lover just to find out that they have only seen movies primarily from the time of their own lives, with a few exceptions. It is a surprise to many when they realize that movies have been made for over 100 years. There’s so much to see. And yes, there are terrific, wonderful movies made before 1977.

I keep a list of movies to see. Today more and more movies are available online and easily accessible.  It is much easier to find and watch great films than ever before. My list contains more than just the handful of blockbusters from the last year or so that we may have missed while they were in theaters. My list contains great movies from before my grandparents were born.

Here’s a place to start that will supply you with great movies to watch from across the years: look up the list of films nominated for Academy Awards for each year. While the Oscar winning picture is no guarantee to be a great film, the list of the nominees will give you an excellent place to start exploring films of the previous eras. My list of nominees that I’ve yet to see since 1980 is down to 27 films, most of them from the last few years. When I finish that list, I’ll begin adding earlier decades.

Make your list. Expand your movie watching horizon.  And when it’s time to watch something you won’t have to waste so much time wondering “what should I watch?”

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