Food For Writers: Read Daily

Writers need to read.

It probably doesn’t matter what you read. Read something, anything. The writer needs fuel beyond direct experience. The writer needs the inspiration and understanding that comes from examining really great writing, and sometimes, not so great writing.

So read. Read books that engage and interest you. Read books that set you on fire.

The beginning writer will mimic what they are reading. That’s ok and expected. Just read more widely. Read other great writers. Switch genres. Find out what makes these books work, what makes the writing really speak to you. Try and mimic that.

But read. Don’t force it, just read. Find something that interests you. Every day you’ll write, but you’ll also read. I will not accept any excuses. Read and write every day.

What am I reading now? I’m currently reading Fitzgerald’s “Tender Is the Night,” and taking sips from Phillip Pullman’s new book,  Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm: A New English Version

And I’m on fire with ideas and inspiration.

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