Honest And Uncensored

by Randy Murray on February 6, 2013

I write for a living. Businesses pay me to write for them. When I do writing like this the biggest job is bringing in a tight focus to write with the voice they need and condensing their messages tightly and effectively. It’s about their message, not mine.

When I write longer forms for business I still need to bring that level of focus and write what they want and need. Still them, not me.

That’s a good thing for business, but it’s a danger for personal writing. When I write for this site I set my own limited focus. You’ll never see me write about politics, religion, or sex (or only see me do it from a high and detached perspective). That’s because this site, while my own, speaks to a broad audience, including my future business contacts. It’s still not the uncensored me.

Everything that I write that others may read also has a level of focus and control. But I know, as a writer, I need a private, just for my eyes space where I can write anything that I think or feel. I need a place to be uncensored and to a degree, unfocused.

I need that space and I suspect that other writers need that as well.

As a writer, your drafts, your journals, need to be free of the censoring that you do for any readers other than yourself. This is a space to work things out. It’s messy and dangerous to do that on a public stage. Some can manage it, but most need the privacy of a personal journal or unpublished note space to work out what they think and feel. That becomes the generative space out of which the things that you will publish can begin, grow, and take shape.

In that space, honor your voice. Let it out. Hold nothing back. Get messy.

And then, perhaps, show it to no one. You may glean useful bits from it, but if you want to grow, as I want to grow, you need a private space to let it all out.

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